A vinyl design for an indie pop duo.

Student Brief: Create a handmade solution for a book cover, vinyl cover, or movie poster.

Brand: Oh Wonder

Concept: Oh Wonder has been one of my favorite bands since discovering them 2 years ago. Their songs are about reflecting on life, acceptance, and support. The duo is known for being unorthodox, encouraging moments, and embracing the element of surprise. If you haven't heard of these incredible human beings, stop everything and watch these two videos: 

Lose It

All We Do

Okay, now that you're crying, let's get into the real tear-jerker. Through my ideation for the band, I came up with words such as reflective, transcendent, meaningful, united, tranquil, dreamy, nostalgic, and empowering. 

These songs bring back nostalgia, and often bring up emotions that deal with relationships (you know the jazz - heartbreaks, falling in love, finding your soulmate, being alone, finding independence, etc.).

 I thought CD's were a good concept to represent nostalgia since I grew up listening to them, and they reminded me of having family road trips. 

The act of cutting CD's into pieces, and then pasting them together to form a mosaic symbolizes picking yourself up from the struggles of life. Even though the pieces are broken, they are still united in shapes and color. The rainbow color that the CD's emit creates a dreamy and tranquil tone, similar to the unison of the lead singers as well as the "technicolor" imagery of their concert set designs. 

I really enjoyed this handmade project. I loved the idea of creating a 3D world with my mind, it's a beautiful thing.