An organic superfood cafe with Australian Roots.



Rawberri wanted a new look and feel of their brand and website that designated with their primary customers: females. The interior of the cafe is filled with tropical accents and a banana leaf covered walls. Sticking to the characteristics of banana leaves, I created a curvy, yet tropical-like typography for the logo. The wave of the R not only accentuates the banana leaf characteristic, but also connects to the Australian tongue where the phonetic sound is not used often (water vs wadeh). 

After playing around with the lines of banana leaves, and their curvy nature, I found that the double rr's in the name created a soft wavy pattern, that when topped on top of one another created a structure that reminded me of the banana leaves. I chose to use a peach color to create a minimalist, yet feminine feel. The gradients are a reference to the smoothies blending together, as well as trustworthy connotation with organic food.