Pawd is a pet sitting business that exudes warmth, home, and playfulness. The brief called for creating a brand identity that is similar to AirBnb, but for pets. Therefore, I created a rounded logo that is inviting, yet playful and warm.

The demographic is young, professional adults who adore their pets, but travel a lot for their work. When I think of a kennel, I think of old and musty cages and felt quite sad thinking about it. However, I realized that having a break from a pet parent would mean like a mini vacation for the pet. 

 After ideation, and researching the demographic, I found that pet owners invest in their pets more than they invest in themselves - as if they were their only child. Therefore, the demographic would want their pets to have just as much fun as if they were on their own vacation away from the pet parent. Hence, the idea of a pet's vacation became the inspiration behind the brand. 

The winged line of the “w” alludes represents how animals must adapt to different environments over time. I kept the color to white with a pop or orange-red to show contrast, as well as a note of passion that comes with the color. The name also plays with sound that "pod" makes (such as two peas in a pod) and reminds me of a homey space. 


Pawd is a pet sitting business that exudes warmth, sophistication,and playfulness with a touch of home.