Luna Land

Student Brief: The brief was to create an annual report for an amusement park called Luna Land. The park is calling for a fun direction, yet with sophistication. The client request was no images of rollercoasters, ferris wheels, clowns, or rainbows. 

Brand: Luna Land

Concept: I based this brief off of the idea behind amusement parks and rollercoasters. When entering an amusement park, a person feels excited and ready to start the day full of rides, food, and laughter. It is also a marvelous place to conquer you fear of heights, and in a way grow up from adolescence. 

I wanted to capture the contrast between the uneasy feeling and the excitement of the day. Therefore, the color scheme is bright yellow, which contrasts with the dark purple - showing the relationship between excitement and an uneasy feeling. The reason behind the overlay and greyscale image is to show the transition of the company for the year, as well as the nostalgia of childhood when going to amusement parks.

Overall this was a challenging brief because when I think of amusement parks I think of rollercoasters. However, digging deeper into the meaning of amusement parks made me appreciate them a little bit more since I was always the scaredy-cat being dragged to the tallest rollercoasters. Capturing the true essence of roller coasters made me realize just how much they are a part of everyone's childhood - memories for a lifetime. 


Annual report for an amusement park.