anuja shukla

A chemical engineering research lab start-up at UCR.

A director of the Bourns College of Engineering at University of California, Riverside approached me with a project to brand a chemical engineering research lab started by one of UCR's faculty members. The company is called "Brimstone Technologies", but the client just wanted the word "Brimstone" in the logo. The only element the client wanted to have is a crystal, or crystal effects. 

I started by word association from the word "crystal" and came up with different characteristics: valuable, united, unique, growth. I used triangular pieces to resemble the symmetrical balance often associated with chemical labs. The shapes are are different sizes bound together, resembling the uniqueness and unity of crystals. The color green represents growth and energy of a start-up business, while the shape of the logo is similar to an arrow which represents growth of innovation and technology. The typeface is copperplate which resembles the metallic feel of engineering.